Below are answers to frequently asked questions by our customers. If you don't find an answer, please feel free to e-mail us with your questions! We would love to hear from you.

Quick answer is “Yes,”! If your rock is damaged or defective, we will issue a full refund! If you would like to exchange due to it not fitting, or you do not like the color we will refund your money, but you will have to pay the shipping charges. We do not charge additional shipping when you order a rock, it is built into the price we list for our rocks. Shipping can range from $10.00 for a small rock, to $190 for a larger rock. Shipping is paid each time the rock is shipped. We pay to ship it out to you the customer, and if you return, shipping has to be paid to ship it back to the factory. If you order a 114 rock and live in CA it will cost approximately $380 in total shipping charges to return your rock. $190 we paid to ship it to you, plus the $190 to ship it back to the factory. Consequently it is imperative that you determine if your rock will fit prior to ordering. WE WILL HELP YOU! Please see the “Will It Fit" menu tab to determine if the rock you’re ordering is the correct size for your needs. If you still are not sure, please contact us and we will help you determine. If we determine your rock will fit and it does not, we will pay the shipping charges and issue a full refund. Regarding exchanging because you do not like the color, the same issue with shipping applies. Please check the “Available Colors” menu tab to see colors that are available. If you are still not sure, contact us. We can send out physical color samples to you that should arrive in approximately 4-5 business days.
We typically ship within 24-48 hours. Dekorra Rocks are shipped via FedEx, and you will receive tracking information once your rock ships. If you order a 103, 104, 114 or 210, these rocks are shipped via common carrier (18 wheeler truck lines), which will add 1-2 days to your ship time as we are at the mercy of the carrier to come in and pick up your rock. If you order a rock with an address plaque, this can also add up to 2 days for customization as the plaque is being produced.
Shipping time will vary based on where you live and which rock you ordered. We ship from the factory in Wisconsin. If you live in the Midwest you should see your rock in 4 –5 days. If you live on the East Coast, 5-6 days. If you are on the West Coast or in the South West you should see your rock in 6-7 days. Orders for a 103, 104, 114 or 210 require an additional 2 days as these SKUs ship via common carrier. Address plaques also require an extra 2 days for production and delivery time. These are all estimations; some items will arrive more quickly, others may be delayed due to holidays, weather, or other unforeseen incidents.
YES! Once your rock has shipped, you will receive a FedEx tracking number. If it is shipped via common carrier, we will provide you the name of the carrier and a “PRO” number for you to track your rock.
Most customers will order a rock that is close to the color of geological rocks found in their region. That being said, Riverbed is our most popular color, with Fieldstone a very close second. Autumn Bluff and Sandstone are tied for third.
The color or our rocks is not painted. It is actually the color of the plastic, and consequently, will not fade like paint. All Dekorra rocks have two layers of plastic, the color exterior over the base inner color, which is black. We have had rocks out for 5, 10, 15+ years without noticing any color change. However, if you were to gouge or scrape deeply into the surface of the rock, you might see black.
Yes, the rocks come with stakes. The stakes will be in a plastic bag which will be tapped to the underside of the rock you receive. The stakes are a black plastic stake and approximately 6” tall. All rocks will have numerous “flanges” around the base. These flanges have holes to drive the stakes through. The best way to keep your rock in place is to mulch or backfill around the base. If air cannot get under it, it will most likely stay in place.
It depends on the style of rock you order. If the rock has a side that is “flat” then, YES, you can add an address plaque. Popular rocks used for address plaques are the 102, 104, 105, 110, and 113. Please see the “Address Rocks” tab on our menu.
Short answer, ANYTHING! However, the more we put on a plaque, the smaller the font will become. Most people will choose to put their house number or last name on the plaque. Others use short phrases, full address, etc. The more verbiage you request the smaller it will be on the plaque. We have different size plaques available. Larger rocks can hold larger plaques and will be able to have more verbiage. Alternately, you may send us a jpg or tif file of an image you would like, and we can put that on a plaque. You may request a certain font if you desire, and we can provide a proof of the plaque before we produce it, if requested. This option may add a day or two to shipping time as we will wait until we have confirmation from you to print.
YES! We use PayPal to process payments made on our website, but you do not have to pay with PayPal. You can pay with any major credit card. One of the main reasons we utilize PayPal is for the security and safety of our customers. PayPal is a reputable funds transfer service utilizing the highest online security measures. PayPal is a fast, safe way to make online payments and puts you, the customer, first! All Mock Rocks never sees your credit card number or any other financial information about you. PayPal simply notifies us that you have paid with the order details.
Yes, please contact us for information.
Not at this time. However, numerous pieces of legislation are being considered at both the Federal and State levels to tax internet sales. Currently, sales tax is not mandatory in most states. Allmockrocks, LLC is located in PA. If we ship a rock to PA or you live in PA, we will have to pay sales tax on your rock. Allmockrocks pays this tax for our PA customers.
There are several ways to insulate items under your rock. The “PRO” series of rocks are our standard rocks with an additional thickness of insulating material added to the inside layer of the rock. The PRO rocks will offer an “R3” insulation value. You may also use one of our “Insulation Pouches” - an insulated blanket that offers an “R13” value. We also sell Heat System Elements that may be used to aid in protecting items from freezing.
99% of the time, YES! We ship directly from the factory in Wisconsin. We typically have thousands of rocks in stock at the factory on any given day in all sizes and all colors.
YES, depending on your order, contact us for possible savings on volume orders!