Even large items can be concealed quickly and easily!

We feature several models that cover large septic risers, commercial grease traps, holding tanks and manholes. So instead of eyesores, you can blend them right into the landscape with models 103, 111, 112 and our NEW model 113. This vertical rock can cover vent pipes up to 33 inches tall!

Smaller rocks can be used to cover septic cleanouts and vent pipes, while models 101 and 109 are perfect for concealing blowers and compressors.

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Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 102

Dimensions: 27”L × 21”W × 25”H Common Application Types: Well - 8" Diameter up to 24"H Irrigation Valve (Backflow Device) 20"H x 20"L x 2" pipe width

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 118

Dimensions: 32"L × 32"W × 11"H Common Application Types: Septic Lids Low Wells and Pipes

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 109

Important: Due to incredible sales Dekorra cannot keep up with the production of the 109 model.   This is causing a shipping delay of 6-8 weeks on the 109.    Please note,...