A well pipe doesn't have to ruin your view... but it might!

Would you like to get rid of that unsightly well head in the middle of your flower garden?  With a lightweight, extremely durable and incredibly realistic Dekorra rock enclosure, an exposed pipe will blend right in with your existing landscaping. 

Installation is simple— just place the Dekorra rock enclosure over a wellhead or pressure tank and secure it with the provided ground stakes. Then add decorative stone, mulch and plants—and viola!  Place an order for one of our Dekorra rock covers today and see the results for yourself!  

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Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 102

Dimensions: 27”L × 21”W × 25”H Common Application Types: Well - 8" Diameter up to 24"H Irrigation Valve (Backflow Device) 20"H x 20"L x 2" pipe width

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 109

Important: Due to incredible sales Dekorra cannot keep up with the production of the 109 model.   This is causing a shipping delay of 6-8 weeks on the 109.    Please note,...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 118

Dimensions: 32"L × 32"W × 11"H Common Application Types: Septic Lids Low Wells and Pipes