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Well & Pipe Rocks Enclosures

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A well pipe doesn't have to ruin your view... but it might! Would you like to get rid of that unsightly well head in the middle of your flower garden? With a lightweight, extremely durable and incredibly realistic Dekorra rock enclosure, an exposed pipe will blend right in with your existing landscaping.

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Irrigation System Rock Enclosures

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Don't let exposed pipes spoils a beautiful landscape. When backflow systems are installed above grade, the exposed pipes, booster pumps and valve boxes can really detract from the landscaping.

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Septic & Large Item Enclosures

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Even large items can be concealed quickly and easily! We feature several models that cover large septic risers, commercial grease traps, holding tanks and manholes. So instead of eyesores, you can blend them right into the landscape with models 103, 111, 112 and our NEW model 113. This vertical rock can cover vent pipes up to 33 inches tall!

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Unique & Special Item Enclosures

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Enclosures for a better looking landscape. Dekorra® Mock Rock™ artificial rock enclosures perfectly conceal a variety of items in virtually any landscape—commercial or residential. From large items to small, our big selection of sizes and shapes means there's an enclosure that's exactly right for almost any application. Need to cover a large utility pedestal? Check out our model 113. Don't settle for less: choose the industry's best appearance, tough and durable RealRock™ material, and a long-term solution that works.

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Insulated Pouches & Vents

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Some Mock Rock Artificial rock enclosure applications require special accessories. Cold weather areas can require insulation for pipes, pumps or other utilities. Vents can be used in a variety of applications as well.

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Bulk Rocks

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We offer a selection of high-quality rocks at discounted prices for bulk orders. These rocks are shipped on pallets via large freight in 30-count units. By ordering in bulk, you can save time and money while ensuring that you have a sufficient supply of rocks for your landscaping or decorative needs. Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, our bulk pallet orders are a cost-effective solution that will help you achieve your goals. So why wait? Browse our selection of rocks today and place your bulk order to take advantage of our exclusive discounts.

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Why Choose Us?

A little more about our rocks

All DekoRRa rock enclosures are made in the USA from recyclable materials.

Our top-quality DekoRRa rock enclosures are made with a textured material, RealRock™. This gritty, tough, and varigated rock-like surface is astonishingly realistic, and blends in with other natural textures—you truly have to see it to believe it.

With DekoRRa's RealRock™, not only do you acheive incredibly realistic aesthetics, but unmatched longevity in virtually any climate. In fact, this new material is so good, we've incorporated it into our entire product line. Very simply, it's state-of-the-art.

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