Enclosures for a better looking landscape.

Dekorra® Mock Rock™ artificial rock enclosures perfectly conceal a variety of items in virtually any landscape—commercial or residential. From large items to small, our big selection of sizes and shapes means there's an enclosure that's exactly right for almost any application. Need to cover a large utility pedestal? Check out our model 113. Don't settle for less: choose the industry's best appearance, tough and durable RealRock™ material, and a long-term solution that works.

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Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 113 (with Plaque Option)

Important: Due to incredible sales Dekorra cannot keep up with the production of the 113 model.   This is causing a shipping delay of 8-12 weeks on the 113.    Please note,...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 108

Dimensions: 31"L × 27"W × 6"H  Common Application Types: Septic Lid - 24" diameter up to 3"H Water Garden Skimmer Cover 24"L x 18"W x 3"H

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 118

Dimensions: 32"L × 32"W × 11"H Common Application Types: Septic Lids Low Wells and Pipes

Dekorra Mock Edging Rock - Model 400

Lightweight simulated stone blocks—1/20th the weight of real stone. Ground stakes included. Just stake blocks in place and cover flange with sod or ground cover. Durable all-weather construction is resistant...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 105 (with Plaque Option)

Dimensions: 24"L × 12"W × 12.5"H Common Application Types Address Rock (With 650-M Plaque or Without)Please select rock color and plaque lettering below Septic Clean-out/Pipe 7"H x 6" diameter Electrical...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 115 (with Plaque Option)

Dimensions: 24"L × 20"W × 24"H Common Application Types Address Rock (With or Without Plaque)Please select rock color and plaque lettering below Plaque Customization Customize your own text with letters...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 119

Dimensions: 31"L × 28"W × 11"H Common Application Types: Septic Lids Low Wells and Pipes

Dekorra Mock Rock Planter & Pet Food Dish - Model 130

This artificial rock planter is ideal for small plants, cacti, succulents, and herbs.  The materials used are of high quality and extremely durable, which makes it perfect for both indoor and...

Dekorra Mock Rock Raised Bed - Model 210

Dimensions: 62"L × 46"W × 16"H Weighs 49 Lbs. Light-weight, simulated stone Simple one piece design; no assembly required 16" depth for growing rooted plants Elevated to make gardening easy on...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 132

Dimensions: 35"L × 25"W × 12"H Weight: 9 lbs Includes Pump!