Don't let exposed pipes spoils a beautiful landscape.

When backflow systems are installed above grade, the exposed pipes, booster pumps and valve boxes can really detract from the landscaping.

That's why several Dekorra® rock enclosures are available with full ASSE 1060 certification, the standard for outdoor enclosures for backflow prevention assemblies. Please contact us for details or click below to download a PDF with more information on our rock enclosures that are ASSE certified.

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Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 102

Dimensions: 27”L × 21”W × 25”H Common Application Types: Well - 8" Diameter up to 24"H Irrigation Valve (Backflow Device) 20"H x 20"L x 2" pipe width

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 110 (with Plaque Option)

  Dimensions: 39"L × 21"W × 21" Common Application Types Address Rock (With 650-L Plaque or Without)Please select rock color and plaque lettering below Pumps 16"H x 31"L x 9"...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 113 (with Plaque Option)

Dimensions: 18"L x 17"W x 34"H  Common Application Types: Address Rock (With 650-M Plaque or Without) Telephone / Cable Pedestal - 33"H x 13"L x 13"W Well - 13" diameter up...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 109

Dimensions: 30"L × 23"W × 18"  Common Application Types: Aerator Pump - 9"H x 16"L x 8"W Well - 8" diameter up to 12"H Septic Pipe - 6" diameter up...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 116

Dimensions: 48"L × 20"W × 30"H Common Application Types: Backflow Assemblies up to 2" in diameter, 36'L and 30'H External Water Pumps Sandstone color is temporarily unavailable for shipping at...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 104

The #104's are temporarily only available in the Riverbed and Fieldstone colors for shipping at this time. Dimensions: 60"L × 48"W × 41"H Common Application Types: Well Pressure Tank Assembly...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 123

Dimensions: 45"L x 36"W x 42"H Weighs 32 Lbs. Common Application Types: Tanks Wells and Pipes

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 115 (with Plaque Option)

Dimensions: 24"L × 20"W × 24"H Common Application Types Address Rock (With or Without Plaque)Please select rock color and plaque lettering below Plaque Customization Customize your own text with letters...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 103

Dimensions: 56"L × 42"W × 30"H Common Application Types: Irrigation Valve (Backflow Device) 24"H x 29"L x 5" pipe width Holding Tank Lid - 30" Diameter up to 14"H or...

Dekorra Mock Rock - Model 114

Dimensions: 63"L × 48"W × 61"H Common Application Types: Well Pressure Tank Assembly 80 GAL Tank 57"H x 22" diameter + room for wellhead, - 119 GAL Tank 61"H x...